We will design a ventilation system to meet the specific requirements of your existing or proposed subsurface facility. Our experienced, multidisciplinary teams have in-depth working knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of how heat transfer impacts ventilation networks. Using innovative fire, air cooling, and ventilation modeling software developed in house, we establish reliable, safe and efficient underground ventilation systems that control airflow, pressure, and climate. Our consultants specialize in tackling challenges posed by demanding climatic or geologic conditions.

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Ventilation Software

Accurately model your ventilation system and improve its safety and efficiency with our leading-edge computer programs

We have developed engineering software specifically for simulating subsurface environments.
Our software will help you to optimize the locations of fans, cooling plants, shafts, and airways and to safely control airflow, pressure, and climate. It will also help you accurately project fan, cooling, and air filtration duties as well as capital and operating costs.