We conduct detailed studies of foundation conditions, land use patterns, seismic risk, geochemistry, hydrology, and hydrogeology that facilitate fact-based decision making on site selection and permitting. 

Given the eventual need for facility closure and rehabilitation, we follow local legislative guidelines to address potential problems early, before they arise. Prioritizing risk-based assessments at the conceptual study stage, helps you avoid costly delays and reduce economic, environmental, and social liabilities. Our engineers and scientists prepare detailed assessments of risks such as acid rock drainage and metal leaching that focus on comprehensively understanding issues and lessening their impacts.

We offer solutions that are based on 45 years of experience worldwide and comply with international best practices.


  • Site selection and permitting
  • Rock characterization
  • Impact prediction and mitigation modelling and design
  • Feasibility and financial studies
  • Construction management and quality control

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