Hydrothermal and most magmatic mineral deposits are the result of focused fluid flow through the earth’s crust and reactions with host rocks or other fluids. This causes physical separation of components and deposition of potentially economic concentrations of minerals. The networks of structures within which these minerals are deposited are therefore usually those that facilitate crustal fluid (or magma) migration. These structures, both large- and small-scale, impact nearly all technical aspects of mineral exploration and resource estimation. 

Our structural geologists have the hands-on field experience needed to solve your mineral exploration problems, including identifying controls on ore distribution through a combination of targeted field mapping and core analysis. We have global expertise in numerous commodities, geological terranes, and deposit styles, from regional- to deposit-scale. We also train geologists in the field to identify the controls on mineralisation and apply this knowledge to exploration and resource domaining. By leveraging our specializations in 3D modeling and geophysical interpretation, we ensure that any analysis is strongly applied and not just theoretical. 


  • Field structural analysis at deposit- to regional-scales
  • On-site training in structural geology and acquisition of structural data related to project sites

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