A mining or exploration company—whether opening, operating, suspending, or closing a facility—must satisfy numerous regulatory requirements of local, provincial, and international agencies. 

Environmental permitting for mine projects has become increasingly challenging in some western jurisdictions, and the prolonged permitting processes erode investor returns. We expedite these processes, using a multidisciplinary approach to conduct initial permitting either in parallel with environmental assessments or directly after them. This helps projects obtain the approvals required to proceed to construction and operation as quickly as possible.

While initial permitting costs are usually borne by development companies, the costs of maintaining the permits—and of environmental and social management programs—should be considered in overall project valuations. Our professionals have the skills and experience needed to obtain and retain permits in a cost- and time-efficient manner that follows national and international guidelines.


  • Baseline studies and impact analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Closure planning and implementation and post-closure monitoring
  • Mine operation permitting
  • Water treatment and discharge permitting
  • Environmental management system and plan development
  • Cultural heritage and landscape protection

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