The development of mines, industrial infrastructure, roads, railways, and oil and gas fields has socio-economic and environmental impacts on local communities. Unless properly managed, these can cause long-term hardship and environmental damage within both the displaced communities and the relocation areas.

We help develop and execute resettlement plans conforming with all applicable local legislation as well as the International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standard 5 on land acquisition and involuntary resettlement. We work with affected communities, government, and other stakeholder groups to ensure that the livelihood of resettled people is as good as, or better than, it was before. For indigenous people, we strive to create sustainable development plans that respect their traditional land uses. 


  • Developing, executing, and monitoring resettlement action plans 
  • Identifying and consulting with affected parties
  • Producing assets registers
  • Preparing grievance procedures
  • Developing compensation and livelihood restoration strategies
  • Establishing entitlement frameworks
  • Conducting post-completion audits

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