As an independently owned company with no equity in any project and a global network of multidisciplinary specialists, we offer reporting that is both impartial and technically sound.

We are experienced in undertaking due diligence reviews of mining projects world-wide, typically for international banks, mining companies, and financial institutions. Our rigorous research and data review process produces balanced and focused independent reports and audits. These form the basis for decisions about acquisitions, equity, project financing, and initial public offerings.

Our independent project reviews identify areas of risk and provide clients with the tools needed to comply with international reporting regulations. We can organise and deploy multidisciplinary teams at various sites around the world, concurrently and at short notice. Not only is this cost- and time-effective, enabling rapid progress on several fronts to meet tight transaction timelines, but it also facilitates comprehensive understanding of a project’s technical and geographic context.


  • Independent engineer reports
  • Technical reviews for mining finance projects,mergers, and acquisitions
  • Risk assessments
  • Technical assessments, valuations, and audits
  • Due diligence studies
  • Litigation work as expert witnesses


"Forensic mining": How multidisciplinary due diligence adds value, enhances understanding, and focuses teams on key risks and opportunities

Interview with Neal Rigby, Corporate Consultant | Mining

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