When evaluating pit slope stability, we focus on high-quality rock mass characterization involving objective-driven geotechnical, structural geology, and hydrogeological investigation and data collection. Our results support advanced exploration, prefeasibility and feasibility studies, and the operation and closure of mines.

Based on our operational and global study experience with all deposit types and commodities, we consider a wide range of safety and economic factors when assessing stability and designing open pit slopes. By integrating all disciplines, we improve the implementation and functionality of these designs.

Our specialists use a variety of numerical modelling tools to aid slope stability assessment and design and to increase understanding of interactions with underground mining. We choose numerical codes based on the identified, predicted, or already-failed (i.e. back-analysed) stability mechanisms. Our teams have modelling experience in all geological environments, ranging from hard rock and joint-controlled materials to soft rocks and saprolites.


  • Open pit operational support, inspections, geotechnical review board participation, and mine closure
  • Geotechnical and hydrogeological field investigation, including remote data collection
  • Structural geology interpretation, rock mass characterization, and 3D domain definition
  • Pit and waste dump slope stability assessment and design
  • Numerical modelling, including 2D and 3D analysis
  • Hydrogeological evaluation, slope depressurization, and mine water management
  • Mine planning, implementation, and monitoring guidance, including on blasting, excavation, and excavation support
  • Geotechnical risk modelling and rock fall hazard and mitigation assessment
  • Due diligence and Competent Person reporting on all geotechnical aspects

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