Given our widespread geographical footprint, we can provide the local expertise needed to design mine waste facilities and mine support infrastructure for your site. We will help you surmount site development obstacles related to varying geological regimes, topography, groundwater, seismicity, and climate—and overcome challenging ground conditions, whether karst, permafrost, or collapsible, expansive, or dispersive soils. Our multidisciplinary team will work with your staff to develop integrated infrastructure solutions tailored to your site’s developmental, operational, and environmental objectives.

Specifically, we solve complex geotechnical problems using advanced numerical tools to develop appropriate and cost-effective infrastructure designs. Our experienced geotechnical engineers will perform geological hazard assessments, terrain stability analyses, detailed site investigations, and rigorous numerical analyses to help select the best locations for your mine waste and support infrastructure and to minimize risk and liability. 


  • Tailings and water dam design
  • Waste dump and heap leach design
  • Geotechnical investigation and detailed site evaluation
  • Building and processing infrastructure foundation design
  • Lateral support and retaining wall design
  • Excavation and embankment investigation and design
  • Borrow and construction material identification, investigation, and evaluation
  • Geological hazard assessment and terrain stability analysis
  • Tunnel geotechnics and design
  • Stability monitoring and instrumentation installation
  • Road, pipeline, wharf, and other support infrastructure design
  • Specialist and expert advice for technical or legal disputes

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