Our consultants have worked with most deposit and commodity types and bring broad, international perspectives and experience to open pit and underground operational support. Many of our staff have industry backgrounds and collaborate with mine operation teams on projects ranging from short-term mine inspections to long-term provision of integrated technical input.

We have extensive experience in all facets of operation, including construction, stability performance, design implementation, rock support, blasting, monitoring systems, mine planning, and sequencing. 

When faced with difficult and geotechnically complex mining conditions, we help operations develop strategies to manage the risks associated with slope and underground instability. Using industry-recognized and innovative approaches, we assist in rehabilitating waste piles, tailings dams, open pits after failures, and underground excavations that have become unstable. Sometimes this requires application of advanced monitoring instrumentation and survey and radar systems. 


  • Operational due diligence review 
  • Open pit and underground geotechnical audits/inspections and review board participation
  • Geotechnical workshops, training, and site support
  • Operational improvement reviews and workshops
  • Operational and safety risk assessment and mitigation
  • Design implementation and monitoring guidance, including sequencing, blasting, and excavation
  • Slope failure risk assessment, management, monitoring, and back analysis
  • Underground mine stability, excavation performance, dilution, and instrumentation 
  • Support system design, implementation, and performance assessment
  • Rockburst assessment and mitigation, including seismic monitoring and analysis
  • Excavation depressurization, dewatering, and monitoring

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