A comprehensive geochemical survey involves sampling many media types, including soil, stream sediment, heavy mineral concentrates, and kimberlite indicator minerals. It can also incorporate multiple analytical methods, such as inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), atomic absorption, ionic leach, bulk leach extractable gold (BLEG), and X-ray fluorescence (XRF).

We understand factors influencing the choice of appropriate methods for your project and advise on ways of interpreting the data generated to achieve meaningful results. We are skilled in applying new data analysis methods to old datasets and identifying previously-overlooked targets or potential for new commodities. 

Portable XRF (pXRF) analysers enable us to rapidly build large, multi-element datasets and generate targets in near-real time. By using multivariant statistics and advanced data analysis, we identify new patterns, signatures, and targets, and confirm extensions to known mineralisation.

Our geochemistry experts also consider petrology and geometallurgy early in the exploration process to aid understanding of ore and gangue minerals—in particular how deposits formed and how their minerals can best be liberated. We use this information to identify promising mineralisation and focus exploration efforts on the highest priority targets.


  • Exploration geochemical programme design and review
  • Orientation studies to determine suitable sampling media and analytical methods
  • Data analysis and target generation from geochemical results
  • Integration and orientation studies for pXRF
  • Sampling programme implementation and supervision
  • Exploration geometallurgy

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