We create dynamic process simulations that help predict future performance and propose mine design and operational improvements that optimize production, mitigate risk, and cut costs.

Building event simulation models helps you to plan expansions, evaluate design and process options, identify and overcome bottlenecks, predict performance, optimize development and production schedules, and assess the impacts of incorporating new equipment and technology into existing systems. Our models capture interactions between all flow systems and equipment.

We serve worldwide clients ranging from juniors to large multinational companies. Our projects have involved mining operations from small, cut and fill operations to large block cave mines with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 160,000 tonnes per day. 


  • Ore and waste handling evaluation
  • Lateral development and shaft sinking rate studies
  • Block cave development, construction, and production analysis
  • Crusher and skipping capacity investigation
  • Fleet optimization and truck ramp haulage and traffic analysis
  • Continuous mechanical excavation assessment
  • Bin and storage capacity optimization
  • People and material logistics studies
  • Cut and fill, room and pillar, open stope, and open pit mining analysis

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