Statistical and geostatistical analyses are essential to an understanding of your deposit’s grade distribution and continuity. Our knowledge and experience will help you optimise drilling and sampling strategies as well as grade estimation domaining and estimation parameters.

Our approach combines a solid understanding of geostatistical theory with expertise in structural and ore deposit geology and 3D modelling. Fundamental to this approach is ensuring that statistical and geostatistical analyses are tailored to the deposit under scrutiny and reflect the underlying geology. 

We build long-lasting relationships with small and large clients and have helped numerous projects advance from grassroots exploration to production. Many Competent and Qualified Persons are included in our teams.

Statistical and geostatistical services include:

  • Composite length analysis
  • Geological and statistical domaining
  • Statistical analysis (uni-, bi- or multivariate)
  • Spatial analysis and declustering
  • Multivariate correlation, interdependency, and regression analysis
  • Variographic analyses (raw, pairwise, and Gaussian transforms)
  • 2D and 3D environment development for statistical and geostatistical analysis
  • Outlier and top-cut analysis

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