To fully understand your deposit, you must model its grade. Our modelling techniques are based on the geology of deposits and cover a wide range of commodities and deposit styles. 

We use mineral resource estimation methodologies such as kriging, indicator kriging, and recoverable resource estimation from large panels. The recoverable resources can be assessed by multiple indicator kriging or localized uniform conditioning and the results are not only used for mineral resource estimation, but also for grade control studies and due diligence reviews.

In addition, we conduct risk assessments related to estimate and mineral resource classification uncertainty. These are based on simulation techniques such as sequential Gaussian, sequential indicator, or probability field. 

Our geologists are experienced in conducting a wide range of statistical and geostatistical studies using advanced commercial software such as Gemcom, Datamine, Vulcan, Surpac, and Isatis.


  • Customized statistical and geostatistical analysis
  • Grade interpolation
  • 3D geological modelling

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