As global leaders in technical due diligence, we routinely help clients assess their project risks and opportunities. This involves identifying and analysing all technical and non-technical issues facing an enterprise then defining mitigation measures to bring the risks to an acceptable level. Each management decision can then be based on this risk analysis process as well as best practices and corporate governance standards. 

One of our strengths is our technical specialists’ ability to integrate risk management tools with analyses of technical information and to relate the resulting data to financial, environmental, community, and health and safety objectives. This provides a solid foundation on which you can make well-informed, defensible decisions on how best to use your available budget or investment capital. 

Our proficiency in applying complex risk tools is balanced by our broad experience and sound judgement. Through appropriate cost-benefit and risk-cost analyses, we help you assess options and make operational and development decisions that will reduce uncertainties with your project’s cash flow. 


  • Risk analysis and risk assessment
  • Failure mode, effect, and criticality analysis
  • Enterprise risk assessment and management
  • Technical-economic model risk analysis
  • Design, construction, and operation schedule audits
  • Equipment selection validation
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Decision analysis
  • Risk management workshop facilitation

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