As relatively-accessible deposits are exhausted, mineral exploration activities are venturing into increasingly remote and geopolitically unsafe regions with poor access to infrastructure and resources. We design frameworks for managing the uncertainties and challenges of operating in these areas.

By conducting comprehensive security threat and risk assessments (STRAs) at local and country scales, we help ensure the protection of staff working in far-flung and inhospitable environments. From these STRAs, we develop detailed security, contingency, and evacuation plans as well as appropriate standard operating procedures. 

Our security advisors accompany clients on short site visits or appoint security managers to remain on-site for longer periods. We have extensive experience in implementing health and safety systems for grassroots projects and in auditing and upgrading existing operations to meet internationally recognized occupational health and safety standards. 


  • Personal travel safety assessments and training
  • Security and situational awareness training
  • First aid and travel health training
  • Corporate health, safety, and security management programming
  • Vehicle travel safety awareness training
  • Emergency evacuation procedure development
  • Kidnap mitigation and hostage survival training
  • Security assessment and operation emergency procedure development

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