Sustainability Considerations That matter For Minerals Sector

Roger Dixon interviewed by Pretoria News | Business Report
Wednesday, April 17, 2019
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Pretoria News | Business Report

Current divisions and suspicions of stakeholders are no basis on which to forge a future

AT A CORPORATE level, observes the writer, the mainstream mining sector has long championed the cause of sustainability. The industry, however, faces a peculiar challenge when it comes to sustainability: its assets are finite.

SUSTAINABILITY is front-of-mind in every economic sector today, including the minerals industry. But can mining really deliver on this front - and do the stakeholders agree on what they want to achieve together?

To the first part of this question, I would suggest the jury is still out. What verdict is finally returned depends largely on the answer to the second part of the question - which I would say is still an emphatic "no".

Most industry stakeholders - essentially companies, government, unions, communities and civil society NGO's - are deeply divided and suspicious of each other. It is no basis on which to forge a future of any sort, let alone one that is sustainable.

Acknowledged: Pretoria News | Business Report

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