Geotechnical Data Management Using acQuire Workflows and Data Integrity

Bruce Murphy and M.J. Murphy
Sunday, May 27, 2007
First presented: 
1st Canada-US Rock Mechanics Symposium 2007
Rock Mechanics

acQuire is a database management system for the storage of quality data related to the explora-tion and mining industry. Poor data management systems can lead to inconsistencies and loss of data which results in a waste of time and money to achieve a usable set of data. Integral to the acQuire system is the da-ta model with its different components which allows for the storage of data collected at the different scenarios in the exploration program. acQuire is commonly used for organizing geological and geochemical data but is now being used for the management of geotechnical data sets.

This paper will discuss possible work flow models. Also discussed will be quality control and data validation aspects from the geotechnical logging and mapping phase through to the integration of the data in the data-base and the running of procedures to perform calculations; validating the data and the retrieval of the data for reporting and other geotechnical procedures.

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