President’s clarion call gets all ears at Indaba

Andrew van Zyl
Wednesday, February 6, 2019
First presented: 
Investing in Mining Indaba

06 February 2019 – Cape Town, South Africa: Delegates at the Investing in African Mining Indaba received a much-needed lift yesterday – as much from the physical presence of State President Cyril Ramaphosa as from the words he spoke during his address.

According to SRK partner and principal consultant Andrew van Zyl, it was significant that so many delegates at this popular annual conference in Cape Town were drawn to the president’s talk and to his message of collaboration. “It was important that he conveyed this new thrust in person, giving it the gravity it needed,” said Van Zyl. “At the same time, his address was given more impact by the background engagements between government and mining executives. These interactions seem to show that his administration means to follow words with deeds.”

President Ramaphosa’s emphasis on greater collaboration between mining stakeholders found an enthusiastic ear at the Indaba, he said. The president also called for local government and communities to be more involved in finding solutions.

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