Geotechnical Engineering

Stable mine workings, pit slopes and tunnels, solid foundations: whether it's a mine development, a tunnel, a multi-storey building or a road cutting, you don't need to risk costly surprises from unforeseen instability, settlement or seismic hazards. Our geotech professionals give you the right foundation for a profitable project.

Providing you with a clear, comprehensive set of foundation design options and their time-related risks is a cornerstone of our engineering services. You can compare these alternatives and make an informed decision on the best one for your needs and risk profile. Our experience helps you minimize risk and keep projects on track and within budget.

As you move through the earth, SRK can support your excavations, your buildings, your roads, your rivers and canals, the bridges over them and the tunnels under them.

Whether you're involved with residential construction or resource extraction we can deal with accelerated erosion from construction, ground disturbance and/or waste disposal.

SRK's geotechnical specialists provide site evaluations and solutions.
Getting projects onto sound footings Approach Geotechnical challenges that could influence the development of your site can include geological environment, ground and groundwater conditions and seismicity. Additional challenges may originate from your particular equipment and infrastructure, eg. vibrating mill foundations, machinery with limited tolerance for settlement and other design constraints...
SRK can undertake geological and structural reviews to characterize a site’s geotechnical conditions by performing geotechnical and hydrogeological data collection activities
At SRK, we believe that an efficient and effective geotechnical study is an integral component of any proposed mine or mining project. The geotechnical investigation program should include an understanding of the lithological, structural, alteration and hydrogeological aspects, enabling the rock mass to be characterized into relevant geotechnical domains. Representative...
Mining Engineers and Rock Mechanics Engineers are valuable members of the SRK Consulting team.
Ensuring a safe environment and profitable mining Approach We have the knowledge and experience to work on a range of studies from scoping to feasibility and operational improvement across all major resource types, for underground operations and for operational support. Our consultants, many with industry backgrounds, have worked on deposits...