Coal Bed Methane

SRK's CBM workflow begins with developing a regional geological and hydrological model of coal beds in the basin. We integrate historical data, such as mining, drilling, completion and operation practices into our exploration model. Finally, we identify controls on production and establish production domains.

Our key considerations in prospecting for CBM reserves are:

Initial Data Compilation and Analysis

  • Baseline (geology and engineering) data gathering and compilation of selected data into a GIS format
  • Data review, data gap analysis and development of preliminary geological model
  • Field-based geological mapping and verification program
  • Acquisition of high resolution geophysical data and detailed interpretation of data sets (for structural features, igneous bodies etc)
  • Lineament analysis and land cover map development (in support of structural studies and EIS work)

Drilling Programs

  • Drill technology advice and support,
  • Review of initial drilling tender documents
  • Assistance with preparing subsequent drilling documentation
  • Drilling tender evaluation support
  • Field-based support during drilling programs

Coal and Gas Testing / analysis (field and laboratory)

  • Gas content and origin
  • A coal saturation and reservoir evaluation study
  • Field stations for treatment of coal seam gas desorption testing from core
  • Field-based support and supervision during sample collection and testing

Reservoir evaluation / modelling

  • Gas resource estimation and deliverability analysis
  • Development options assessment, including cost modelling and economic analysis
  • Development of recommendations for pilot production and refinements to simulation model, using production pilot results
  • Development drilling program recommendations

Hydrogeological Assessments

  • Reviews of conceptual hydrogeological models, exploration programs and numerical hydrogeological models and related reports
  • Groundwater geochemistry
  • Permeability and fluid flow
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