Expert Witness Feature - Mining Due Diligence

In this interview with Lawyer Monthly magazine, SRK experts from around the globe offer their insights into mining due diligence. Andrew Van Zyl from South Africa, Simon Hanrahan and Mark Noppe from Australia, and John Pfahl from North America gave astute answers to the following questions:
  • What is the process you and your team undergo when conducting due diligence studies for mining?
  • What makes SRK’s due diligence reviews so highly regarded?
  • In what ways do SRK’s clients benefit from these reviews?
  • How important is it to manage client expectations?
  • How often do problems surface when undergoing mining project reviews? What is your team’s next step from this?
  • Can you explain the importance of mining data management for your clients?
  • What could go wrong, and possibly lead to litigation, if due diligence is not properly executed?
  • Moreover, how have environmental concerns affected your line of work? Have these changes affected the types of cases that could be taken to court?

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